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nikitafiction's Journal

Nikita Fanfiction
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

This is a community is for any and all fanwork related to CW TV series NIKITA. All ratings and genres are allowed.

Before posting, please read the rules stated below.


- Fanfic must be Nikita-based. No real person fiction based on the actors is allowed.

- Headers (stated below) must be visible at the top of the post with the actual fanfic under an LJ-cut (instructions for LJ-cuts).

- Outside links to fanfiction on other websites and journals (NO LOCKED ENTRIES) are fine, but be sure to use the headers when posting.

- Fics with adult content must be stated with clear content warnings.

- Please put warnings for content that readers may not like - deathfic, violence, non-con, slash, het, etc.

- Nikita must featured in any crossover fanfics, not in passing or a brief mention.

- Please tag your fanfics appropriately so that it makes your fic easier to find. You can find a list of the community tags here.

- No customization allowed on your fonts, meaning no tiny fonts or bright colors.

- No flames allowed. If conduct is considered rude by myself or the writers, you be removed and banned from the community.

- No advertising/promotions for your websites or communities without asking. Only Nikita and fanfiction projects will be given permission.


- Rules may change accordingly.


Header for posting fanfiction.

Headers for other fanworks (Art, Vids, Icons)

WORK SAFE thumbnails are preferred. Preview art should not be any larger than 350x350. Videos should go behind an lj cut. NO ICONS, there is an icon community available for that, but drawings, banners and wallpapers are allowed.


nikita_icons nikita_tv nikita_vids